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Adam Green

Adam Green was a Loyalist from New Jersey who had been imprisoned by the Rebels for various acts of loyalty to Britain. He was accused of giving a brown mare, saddle & bridle to one who said his name was General Richard Prescott, for the purpose of making his escape to the British at New York in the year 1779. Adam Green was a recruiting Lieutenant in the New Jersey Volunteers and served under Colonel Nathaniel Pettit.

Adam received a recommendation for insertion into the United Empire List of Loyalists on 9 April 1810. He had started the process in October 1808. In that deposition he stated that he had joined the Royal Standard in 1776 and came to Upper Canada in 1793. In the end, Adam Green took the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown on May 28, 1811.

Adam Green was granted Lot 24, C4  Saltfleet, Ontario. It stretched from Ridge Road, above the Escarpment down to what would become King Street in the Village of Stoney Creek. This included what is today called the Devil’s Punchbowl. The stream that drops over the mountain brow at this point, flowing north into the lake is still the “Stoney Creek”. This property and the three lots around it, 400 acres in total, were patented to Adam Green.

Adam and his wife Martha had ten children. The youngest, William (Billy) is known as the first loyalist child born in this area. His participation in the Battle of Stoney Creek is legendary. Martha died after one year in the new land due to the rugged conditions.

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