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John Moore

John Moore was born in Sussex, New Jersey and married Dinah Pettit. Of their 10 children, 7 were born in New Jersey and 3 in Grimsby, U.C. John Moore was a hat maker and ran a successful retail business. As a loyalist he suffered fines and imprisonment and was a member of the New Jersey Colonial Guards and later, Butlers Rangers. On the journey north much of their possessions were stolen and after staying in Niagara, for some time, he decided to settle in Grimsby. He was unsuccessful in re-starting his business in hat making, he found farming “did not suit him”. In 1790 he was made the first Clerk of Grimsby Township Council, which was one of the first Councils formed in Upper Canada. John and Dinah were the first burials in Grimsby, and having been buried first at the lakeshore, near their property, they were re-interred at St. Andrew’s Church graveyard when it was formed.

submitted by Judith Nuttall U.E.

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