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Billy Green Story Supported by War of 1812 Magazine

Excerpted from the article, Billy Green and the Battle of Stoney Creek (June 6 1813)

Member Doug Green UE sent me a recent, lengthy article that fully supports the concept that Billy Green was given the countersign by Isaac Corman, his brother-in-law who obtained it from the Americans when he was briefly taken captive. Billy took this information over to Colonel John Harvey, at Burlington Heights, who cross examined Billy, thinking that he was a spy, not having any paperwork to show that Billy was part of the local militia. Harvey decided to have his troops travel at night to Stoney Creek. There Harvey told Billy to “run through” the sentry and Billy regretted killing this man to his dying day, as told by his physician, Dr. Thomas Picton Brown, who related this fact on Billy’s burial day, March 18, 1877.

It comes to light that Billy may not have wanted to bring attention to his role in this or any other killing later on as his brothers, Levi, John and Samuel spent a year in the York jail in 1814 due to accusations by Mohawk Chief John Norton that they had murdered Indians. Lieutenant General Sir Gordon Drummond offered a hundred pounds reward to anyone with evidence to convict these Green boys. The Greens said that the Indians had stolen everything they had right in the presence of Norton.

Billy Green was illiterate, unlike Laura Secord who was literate and promoted her own cause. Billy had no reason to promote his own cause as it seems he felt there was a dark side to his story, due to killing the sentry.

Author Philip Green, an Adam Green descendant (father of Billy) has gone to great length to show the similarities in reports, diaries and interviews when looking over the details of the battle of Stoney Creek. He feels that Billy was a young man who took initiative and risks and who fought in this battle, contributing to the repelling of the Americans, as best he could do. The author feels that in this the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Stoney Creek that history books should be rewritten to recognize the heroic actions of Billy Green and indeed of Isaac Corman as well.

Many contributors to this article are mentioned. I would like to recognize Doug Green UE as one of the main sources for this publication.

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