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Nathaniel Pettit, John Smith & Peter Gordon

Nathaniel Pettit was a prominent citizen of New Jersey at the time the Revolution broke out. He was an established businessman, judge, and member of the provincial legislature until he was found guilty of not paying taxes to the revolutionary congress which resulted in him being fined and losing his judgeship. He was too old …

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Jacob Smith (Jakob Schmidt)

Because Jacob Smith was German-speaking it is improbable that there were ever any traditional records other than those appearing in family Bibles, and those commenced with Jacob himself. He, along with many other German settlers in North-western New Jersey, was a supporter of the British out of gratitude for having been granted refuge from religious …

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Edward Ryckman

Edward Ryckman (pronounced R (eye) kman) was baptized in Tappan, Orange County, New York in 1767.  Tappan was in Rip Van Winkle country in the Dutch community made famous by Washington Irving. Tappan was a dangerous place for loyalists during the American Revolution. Although loyalist forces held Manhattan for the most of the revolution, the …

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John Smith

John Smith, the son of John Smith and Sarah Freeman was was born on November 13, 1747 at Ludgate Hill in New Jersey. On March 10, 1772 he married Anna Roy, daughter of Stephen and Annie Roy and they resided in Sussex Country, New Jersey where he became a magistrate and his first six children …

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Peter Bowman

The earliest known written record of any settler venturing as far as Ancaster to squat on land here can be found in a land petition dated 1793 in which 22 men, often called James Wilson & Associates, stated “that having made the settlements on which they live adjoining the west line of Township No. 8 …

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Jacob Smith

In 1788 Jacob and Elizabeth and their thirteen children came here to Quebec, as it was still known. They did not come alone.

During the revolutionary war, their eldest daughter Anne had married a dashing young sergeant in the New Jersey Volunteers. His name was Christopher Huffman. Jacob and Elizabeth’s second child, Lewis had …

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Harmanus House and John Depew

Harmanus HOUSE, a Butler’s Ranger and Gloria’s ancestor, settled in Clinton Township on land that became known as Cave Springs Farm, and later is recorded as holding the office of pound keeper. One of his daughters, Anna Margaret married Joseph Smith. I have traced most of their 12 children and published the records in my …

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Sgt. Robert Campbell

As reported in An Annotated Nominal Roll of Butler’s Rangers 1777-1784 with Documentary Sources, Robert Campbell was a law student when the war began. He joined Caldwell’s company as a Private for the period 25 December 1777 to 24 October 1778. In 1783, he is listed in Butler’s company as being twenty-seven years old. This …

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