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Find out more about what a Loyalist is, the history of our branch, and the hard-working volunteers who devote themselves to preserving and sharing our Loyalist heritage.

What is a Loyalist?

Over two hundred years ago the American Revolution shattered the British Empire in North America. The conflict was rooted in British attempts to assert economic control in her American colonies after her costly victory over the French during the Seven Years War. When protests and riots met the British attempts to impose taxes on the … View page »

Hamilton Branch History

The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Ontario was founded at a meeting February 28, 18961. The meeting, having been called by Mr. William Hamilton Merritt and others, was held in the Canadian Institute in Toronto. A committee was appointed to draft a constitution. Sir John Beverly Robinson was elected President and Mr. Merritt secretary. The … View page »

Executive Committee

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Want to find out more about our branch activities? Curious about where to start researching your Loyalist ancestry? Have any questions about the website? … View page »