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You can access the newsletters of the Hamilton Branch below. The Loyalist Gazette, the newsletter of the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada is available here.

Volume XVII, Number 2June 2018
Volume XVII, Number 1January 2018
Volume XVI, Number 1May 2017
Volume XV, Number 2December 2016
Volume XV, Number 1June 2016
Volume XIV, Number 3November 2015
Volume XIV, Number 2June 2015
Volume XIV, Number 1February 2015
Volume XIII, Number 3October 2014
Volume XIII, Number 2June 2014
Volume XIII, Number 1January 2014
Volume XII, Number 2September 2013
Volume XII, Number 1February 2013
Volume XI, Number 3November 2012
Volume XI, Number 2June 2012
Volume XI, Number 1January 2012
Volume X, Number 3September 2011
Volume X, Number 2May 2011
Volume X, Number 1January 2011