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Abraham Dafoe

Abraham Dafoe is my 5th great grandfather.

Abraham was the son of John Ernst Dafoe and Mary (Maria) Keller. He was born in Albany NY but the date is unknown. In 1755 he married Katreen Diamond.

Abraham enlisted in General Burgoyne’s regiment and fought at the Battle of Bennington in August 1777. His brother was killed in this battle and the rest of the Dafoe men were captured. They were released after taking an oath not to partake in rebellion again.

However in 1780, Abraham and his brother, crossed into Canada and they joined their father, John Ernst Dafoe at Fort St. Jean. They all served with Roger’s Rangers. Abraham served under Captain Harry Ruiter’s 3rd Company as a Corporal.

After Abraham’s discharge, he and his family made their way by boat up the St. Lawrence River to Bath, Ontario. This is where he was granted land as a United Empire Loyalist.

He died in Fredericksburgh, Ontario in 1815.

Abraham’s daughter, Mary Dafoe, married John Kemp Jr., the son of Loyalist John Kemp Sr.

Submitted by Barry Baker UE