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Andrew Denike

Andrew Denike was born in New York. He lived in Kingston and Prince Edward County where he was buried at Cressy Cemetery in 1839. He married Catherine Bird, daughter of Anthony Bird, a well know “Loyalist Sufferer” buried on Staten Island.

Earlier records show the spelling as Denyke and Ten Eyck. The family was originally Huguenot who emigrated first to Holland and then to New York. Andrew served in the New Jersey Volunteers and at the close of the war received large grants of land in Kingston Township, on the site of the Village of Cataraqui. He may not have cultivated this land, as he did become a Master Mariner on Lake Ontario.

He built and kept, for some years, a tavern in the Town of Kingston. He later settled in Fredericksburgh, where many of his descendants lived in Prince Edward County. Andrew Denike spent his last years in North Marysburg. He was engaged as a mariner and gave assistance to the Royal forces during the war of 1812.

Submitted by Descendant Bruce Misener UE