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Christian Keller

According to the book, The Palatinate Families of New York by Henry Z. Jones Jr. in the year 1767 Christian Keller (4GGF) served with Captain Abraham Van Aerman’s Company. He was a son of Conrad Keller and was born in New York. He married Elizabetha Backus, daughter of Johann Backus and Catherina Scheffer and they had 7 children.

Christian is listed as one of the first settlers of Albany at the time of his son, Frederick’s baptism in 1760. Along with his sons, Frederick and John and at least two daughters and their families settled in Fredericksburgh Township about 1784.

Christian through age and other infirmity was unable to take an active part in the Revolution any farther than assisting Loyalists leaving the States to join the British Army. The proof I needed came in the form of the successful Land Petition of his daughter Jean (Keller) Coughnutt in 1797 listing Christian as a Loyalist.

Submitted by Descendant Gloria Howard UE