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Daniel Morden

At the outbreak of the American Revolution Daniel Morden was an unmarried farmer in Tyron County, New York. His assets were probably few, for his name did not appear in the list of Loyalist estates seized by New York.

When word came that the rebels were on their way to attack Johnson Hall the two brothers hurried to enlist with the British cause. They followed Sir John Johnson on the three-week trek through the Adirondacks to the British forces in Quebec. When Sir John formed the First Battalion of the King’s Royal Regiment of New York, Joseph and Daniel signed up together on the first day of enlistment.

After the war Daniel settled in Flamborough West where he was reunited with another brother, Moses Morden, who had no family of his own and became Daniel’s benefactor. Daniel Morden’s family received nearly all of the lands originally granted to Moses Morden, the 400 acres surrounding the community that became Rock Chapel.

Submitted by Ron Barrons