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Frederick Keller

Frederick Keller is the grandson of Christian and Ann Margaretha Keller who arrived in New York sometime before July 1, 1710. The book “Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany” includes this family as part of the wave of refugees from the Palatinate in the Rhine Valley during the 100 years war.

Conrad Keller, son of Christian, was a volunteer in an expedition into Canada from Hunterstown in 1711. He married Maria Barbara Propert, daughter of Johnn Jost Propert. The family moved up the Mohawk Valley and church records show the children being baptized in Germantown, Rhinebeck, Albany and Schoharie.

The Palatine Monument located at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, West Camp, New York lists the Keller family in both the West Camp and the East Camp. The plaque by the Saugerties Historical Society reads as follows:

Know O Traveler, within sight of this hill on October 6, 1710, led by the Rev. Joshua Kocherthal and the Rev. Johann Frederick Hager, there arrived on the East and West shores of Hudson’s River nearly three hundred families of refugees of the Palatine region in Europe, who suffered many sorrows in the ravages of war, sickness, poverty, and destitution, yet survived to settle these shores, sustained by their faith in the Lord and the sympathy of Queen Anne of England, whom they came to serve in the reduction of the pine forest for naval stores for Her Majesty’s fleet.

At the beginning of the American Revolution, many of the family joined the British side and ended up in Fredericksburgh Township, Upper Canada.

Conrad’s son, Christian Keller who was married to Elizabeth Backus, daughter of Johnn Ernst Backus and Katherina Scheffer, settled in Fredericksburgh Township about 1784 along with his sons, Frederick and John and at least one daughter, Jannetje.

Frederick, baptized 15 Nov. 1760 in Albany, New York, was regular King’s Ranger soldier, and died 1842 in Fredericksburgh Township, Upper Canada. Frederick had four wives and at least 23 children. His first wife is unknown, but as far as I know one child was born by her. His second wife, Hannah, gave birth to at least 4 children. His third wife, Elizabeth Peters, daughter of Joseph Peters, gave birth to at least 11 children including a daughter, Elizabeth. His fourth wife, Hannah Sixbury, gave birth to at least 7 children.

Frederick’s daughter Elizabeth Keller was baptized 24 Nov. 1802 in Fredericksburgh Township. On 17 February 1819, she married Richard Kiser my gggfather on 17 Feb 1819.

Submitted by Gloria Howard UE