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Harmanus House and John Depew

Harmanus HOUSE, a Butler’s Ranger and Gloria’s ancestor, settled in Clinton Township on land that became known as Cave Springs Farm, and later is recorded as holding the office of pound keeper. One of his daughters, Anna Margaret married Joseph Smith. I have traced most of their 12 children and published the records in my book, Joseph Smith UEL 1762-1835  (ISBN 0-9699106-0-6) in 1994. The eldest of Anna’s twelve children was Dr. Harmanus Smith whose home and surgery is identified as the second Book house on Book Road.

John DEPEW, a lieutenant in the Indian Department during the American Revolution and Lloyd’s ancestor, later settled in Barton Township. Fellow descendants are proud of the fact that his daughter, Susannah, married James Wilson who is recognized as the founder of Ancaster, whose main street is named Wilson Street.

It is interesting to note that on the 1783 map, identified as McDonell’s map of the Niagara Settlement, both John Depew and Harmanus House were living on lots 12 and 29 respectively, and in that small community would obviously have known each other. These early settlers began the earliest farming in Upper Canada where they supplied food for the fort.

Submitted by Lloyd and Gloria Oakes UE