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Jethro Jackson

Jethro was the second great grandson of Henry Jackson who came to America in 1632. Jethro was born in Cornwall, Connecticut about 1758. He was said to be a bit of a rogue and opportunist. He joined the American rebel forces, but a few months later, deserted and joined the British.  He became an adjutant in the Commissary Dept. of his Majesty’s Army from 1776 to 1779. Some wondered whether he was a spy for the Rebels. However, he signed his allegiance to the British Crown, was given land and was declared a Loyalist. He settled in Midland District, Upper Canada (Frontenac County)

An interesting anecdote is that the Jackson clan in northern England were noted border raiders. The McHargs were said to be border raiders from southern Scotland.

Submitted by Shirley McHarg UE