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John Kemp Sr.

John Kemp Sr is my 5th Great Grandfather.

There is very little known or recorded of his early life. It is believed that he was born around 1723 in Maryland USA. His name and family history were first recorded in the Dutch Reform Church of Schenectady NY. The baptismal records of John’s 3 eldest children are listed including dates of their baptisms and their parents’ names: John Kemp and Anna Van Vorst.

John Kemp fought in the American Revolution alongside his 3 sons and his stepson. They all supported the British and enlisted with the King’s Rangers who were stationed in St. Jean, P.Q.

John was about 57 years of age when he enlisted. He served as a private, around the New York war zone area. He was eventually reunited with his sons at St. Jean in 1783.

After the war, the King’s Rangers were disbanded at Cataraqui, Ontario and because of their loyalty to the British, they were bestowed the title of “United Empire Loyalists”. John Kemp Sr. as well as his 2 eldest sons and his stepson were awarded free land in Fredericksburgh, Addington County, Ontario. His youngest son was deemed too young to qualify for free land even though he was on the provisional list.

John Kemp Sr. died in 1795 at the approximate age of 72. His wife Anna died earlier in 1789.

Submitted by Barry Baker