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Speakers for 2024

February 27
7:30 pm
Paul Warner
The life of a Loyalist in Vermont
March 21
7:30 pm
Nathan Tidridge
Canada’s King: Charles III and Reconciliation
April 18
7:30 pm
Mike McDonnell
Canadians in the Civil War
June 19
11:00 am
Robin McKee
The Debate — Who was first to the area, the Beasleys, the Lands or the Mills?
October 17
7:30 pm
Jean Rae Baxter
Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic — Early Schools
(Zoom presentation)
November 21
7:30 pm
Zig Misiak
25,000 Polish patriots trained at Niagara-on-the-Lake during World War I and World War II
This is another important alliance between Canada and people of Polish descent