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Thaddeus Davis

Thaddeus Davis Senior (b 30 June 1738; d 08 Dec. 1824) was on the muster rolls of Fairfield County, Connecticut and as a loyal British subject, served in the campaigns of 1756, 1757 and 1758 in the French and Indian Wars. He married Deborah Hall (b 1736; d 30 Aug. 1818) in Milford, New Haven, CT in 1759. They had eleven children.

Thaddeus Davis Sr. served with the Prince of Wales American Regiment that was established in 1777 under the command of Brigadier General Montfort Browne. Danbury CT was a supply depot for George Washington’s troops and was known as the largest in the country. On April 26, 1777 British Major General William Tryon attacked this town and destroyed the Continental military stores that were located there. Of the 2 000 British troops employed, only 300 were Loyalists and all of those were from just one Provincial Regiment, the Prince of Wales American Regiment. There was no further action in this area for the next three years except for garrison duty, across the bay, at Lloyd’s Neck NY. Many men simply went home without discharge papers due to boredom and inactivity.

In 1781 at the age of 43, Thaddeus Davis Sr. rejoined the British cause at Lloyd’s Neck NY under Captain Hubbell. He was enlisted for only six weeks when he was captured by rebels at Wilton CT and remained a prisoner for the duration of the war.

Paul, Catharine and Kelly descend directly through Thaddeus Davis’ oldest child, Jane Ostrander (nee Davis) who died in 1865 at the age of 104 years. She is buried in the Huttonville Pioneer Cemetery, Chinguacousy, Peel, just four miles away from Paul Bingle’s home.