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Titus Simons

Titus Simons was the third generation of the Simons family in America. He had two children, Titus Gear and Sarah. Titus and his family emigrated to Montreal in 1779.

Better known to us is son, Titus Gear, who while in Niagara was editor and proprietor of the Upper Canada Gazette. While in Niagara he petitioned and received land in West Flamborough.

In 1816 the District of Gore was established, and Titus Gear was appointed as Sheriff. He helped form the Burlington Agricultural Society. As an active mason, in 1824 he laid the corner stone of the Ancaster Free Church.

During the War of 1812, Titus Geer Simons held a commission in the 2nd York Regiment. His scabbard and coat are on display at the Military Museum, next to Dundurn Castle.

Submitted by Susan Preston UE

Mark Preston receives certificate through Loyalist Titus Simons