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William Ketcheson

William Ketcheson was a native of England, and came to America with his grandfather, his father being dead. They settled in South Carolina, and lived there until the rebellion broke out. William Ketcheson, was then about seventeen years of age, and entered the British service as a dragoon, under Lord Cornwallis. He served during the war; took part in many engagements, and was wounded in the thigh.

Shortly before the close of hostilities he married Mary Rull, daughter of John Rull, a loyalist. After the peace he went to Nova Scotia and engaged in fishing for a while; lived in a shanty at a rock-bound place, called Port Mouton. A devastating bush fire swept over the place, burning up mostly everything and nearly his wife Mary and son who was then only about 18 months old. He and his mother were put on board a boat and taken to New York. William remained to settle his affairs at Nova Scotia, and then he entered Canada, alone, in 1786.

He settled in the Hay Bay section of Fredericksburgh Township, in Lennox & Addington County. There, he worked a farm on shares, in the third township, belonging to John Miller. William raked grain and after a few years he went for his family. Subsequently, he worked Spence’s farm on shares for many years. William and his family finally moved to Sidney, in 1800 and settled on the fifth concession on his land grants of 600 acres.

Submitted by Descendant Barry Baker UE